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The world of Ayurveda from India

In India, massage is a family transmission, touch is a vital and basic need, massage accompanies the life and development of the individual.
Ayurvedic doctors have discovered that in order to function well a being needs elements and balances.
They identified three types of personalities in the individual which they called the doshas :
• Vata (air-ether: nervous and hormonal systems),
• Pitta (fire-water: digestive and enzymatic systems),
• Kapha (Earth-water: all fluids).
By determining the doshic balance of each person, we will adapt the massage to the person, to determine the rhythm and depth of the movements, the intensity of the massage, the nature and the temperature of the oil used. The three essential moments in life with massages adapted for :
• the pregnant woman, (it is she who gives the dosh card to her child, established at 7 months of pregnancy)
• the child (from 28 days of life to 3 years)
• the elderly (from 75 years Vata takes over from Pitta for the flight of the soul).

Cadeau L'atelier des Mille Mains

Remember to please and offer a moment of relaxation to your loved ones, by asking for a gift voucher.

A gift card of 3 massages of 75 minutes with an initiation to learn to massage baby for € 210, is proposed.