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Balinese massage

massage balinais L'atelier des Mille Mains

The particularity of the Balinese massage is to combine relaxation, softness and tone with movements of kneading, percussion, pressure, smoothing and friction on the whole of the lying body, particularly on the meridian channels.

The main benefit of Balinese massage is the relaxation of body and mind. It stimulates the main energy points of the body and helps to relax the muscles, especially through stretching exercises. Balinese massage brings a boost of energy and good humor by acting on the nervous system and circulation.

It works on the flexibility of the recipient, it is an original, deep and invigorating massage for the whole body.

It draws its source between the different massage techniques of Thailand, India (Ayurvedic) and Japan.

Session of 60 minutes : € 60 or Session of 90 minutes : € 90


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L’atelier des Mille Mains

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