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Maderotherapy Aromatherapy and Lymphatic Drainage body & face

Picture Lomi Lomi Massage Maderotherapy Aromatherapy and Lymphatic Drainage body & face L'atelier des Mille Mains Manosque

This treatment combines the art of 3 techniques :
Maderotherapy : also called “wood therapy”, it is an original massage practice Colombian and using wooden instruments, it helps activate blood circulation and lymphatic for the face and body to break down fatty deposits and cellulite.
Aromatherapy : the use of certain essential oils is a valuable aid to fight against cellulite and the orange peel appearance but also for the face.
Lymphatic drainage : this very gentle touch technique consists of draining the body and face to release toxins.

Combined with different types of tools adapted to different parts of the body, the powers of oils essential and to the practice of massage, this treatment will gently massage the system lymphatic to clean it and break resistant cellulite.

Results :
• muscle recovery and better energy tone
• better blood circulation
• cleansing and renewal of the lymphatic system
• reduction of cellulite and slowing down the appearance of orange peel
• epidermis toned, firms and drained

The first results of maderotherapy appear from the first session. However, several sessions spread over several months are necessary for a lasting result.

Session of 90 minutes for the body : 90
Session of 120 minutes for face and body : 120


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