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Pregnant woman massage according to Ayurveda

Picture the pregnant woman massage according to Ayurveda

From the age of 3 months until the end of pregnancy.
The Ayurvedic pregnant woman’s massage is a very enveloping hot oil massage. It is greatly appreciated by future mothers who need to be accompanied and cocooned in this great period of transformation.
Before the session, there is an exchange of a few minutes with the mother in order to adapt the gestures to her sensitivity and her current needs. The massage is adapted to the physical and emotional state of the mother-to-be.
It has multiple benefits:
• allows to rebalance the Doshas according to Ayurveda,
• stimulates the secretion of well-being hormones for the benefit of the mother and also the future baby,
• makes it possible to forge a bond with the future baby and allows awareness of the changing body,
• allows you to relax, softens the skin, stretches gradually in order to relieve.

Session of 75 minutes : 70


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